Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May I show you to your seat...

Katie and Rob chose to create a custom Seating Scroll to direct guests to their seats. Rather than escort cards, the Naurath's decided to have a seating chart with each guest's name and the table they were seated. They chose to add artwork to the top of the chart that reflected the style of their wedding and a border around edge because they weren't framing it. It turned out beautifully and is something they can keep forever!

I create seating charts by first writing the chart, scanning it in and then maneuvering the elements around to make it perfect. This allows for the couple to review everything to make sure the seating arrangement as well as guests names are correct. This also gives the couple the opportunity to add artwork to match their invitation or wedding style. I then have it printed in what ever format they prefer. It makes for a flawless seating chart and a special keepsake from their wedding day