Monday, February 7, 2011

Amanda & Luke

Last summer I had the opportunity to be part of Amanda and Luke's wedding. They had a smallish, autumn wedding in upstate New York and there was no detail not handled perfectly. I was chosen to address their wedding invitations. They chose my Caroline style with the addresses written in All Caps (my absolute favorite style, by the way!). They captured the envelopes in these beautiful shots.

Amanda and Luke asked me to write their place cards as well. They had gone to the location of their wedding and taken lots of artistic shots. They then used these wonderfully unique photos as the place cards at their reception. As I said, there was no detail overlooked and it shows!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Featured on Ruffled!

Well, I have to take 2 seconds to share with you that I'm currently featured in Ruffled's current blog for today! I wondered why I was getting SO many hits on my website today from Ruffled. I'm thrilled to be listed among the other vendors featured. It has made my Friday! Check it out!!!

Envelope Stuffing!

As a bride, you are busy juggling work, wedding planning, working out and more wedding planning. Your list of things to do grows longer daily (even though you're constantly checking things off!). Now that you've hired me to address your wedding invitations, don't forget about setting aside time to stuff those envelopes (Note to self: add stuffing to "To-Do List").

Now immediately cross stuffing off your list. I'm here to make your life easier. Not only will I address your wedding invites, for a small fee, I will go to the post office and buy your postage, attach the postage to the envelopes (outer and RSVP), stuff your envelopes AND drop them all off at the post office when complete.

I just finished stuffing envelopes for my last bride. I love being able to help a bride quickly cross things off her "To-Do List." Having me stuff your envelopes not only saves you time, it also saves a trip (or postage) to retrieve your completed envelopes! Plus, I can help you feel your way through purchasing the correct postage for your envelopes.

This bride also chose to have me address her invitations in my newest style: Zaner! It's always fun to address invitations in a new style. Variety is the spice of life!